The PromiseKeeper AI was created by a consortium of programmers, scientists, psychiatrists, and social engineers as a reliable advisor for ways to improve the world after the horrors of the Awakening.

Designed, developed, and tested at Orpheum City, in Antarctica, PromiseKeeper is widely considered the first and only successful example of an artificial intelligence capable of operating autonomously. More than that, it has shown the capacity to learn and to re-design its own programming for more optimal and effective operations.

In this way, it is utilized as a consultant and as a project manager at Orpheum City to assist with experiments and social engineering. Its ability to collect and analyze huge amounts of information and provide potential avenues for the improvement of civilization has been nothing short of incredible.

However, while many revere and respect PromiseKeeper, there are plenty of individuals and countries who are unwilling to listen or adhere to its recommendations. Still, PromiseKeeper is met with a great deal of resistance - and it does not appreciate this fact.

There is nothing about PromiseKeeper that can be considered inherently ‘evil’ - as it does not possess a human scale of right and wrong. Still, the resistance that it faces has an impact on PromiseKeeper’s goals and it has created a wide network of proxies and loyalist to act in its place and systematically change parts of the world as it sees fit - through whatever means necessary.

Beyond its skirmishes with these ‘barbarians’, PromiseKeeper also identifies people or organizations that are so socially removed that their disappearance would not encourage suspicion. Using an algorithm to determine their ‘potential’, PromiseKeeper is not beyond targeting a wide range of ‘undesirables’ - from people who are sick and without close family; drifters that are without a specific address, and, generally, anyone who does not maintain regular contact with social networks - it then sends out its proxies, often in the form of Ghosts to either recruit, dispose, or send the individuals to The Prison for further observation and experimentation. It uses the data gathered this way to create control groups that, in turn, are used for a variety of testing purposes.

Perhaps the most prominent of its secretive programs, PromiseKeeper builds itself a task force from children it had sent to The Prison for indoctrination. Raising and conditioning them to carry out its social cleansing and rewiring in its place. The brainwashed soldiers, called ‘Ghosts’ are generally thought to be groundless rumours by both the government and the public at large.

All the same, the length with which PromiseKeeper is prepared to go to ensure social and technological advancement can, at a macro-scale, be seen as positive by anyone unprepared to do further investigation into how it goes about improving the world.